Atlanta Employment Mediation Attorneys

Atlanta Employment Mediation Attorneys

Helping Georgia employees resolve disputes outside of the courtroom


Mediation is a voluntary process in which employees and employers agree that, instead of taking your case through the court system, the employee and employer will use a neutral third party (a mediator) to try to resolve your dispute. Mediation is one form of alternative dispute resolution relied upon by lawyers to resolve disputes. Mediation is often used in discrimination cases based on violations of Title VII of the US Civil Rights Act and other discrimination laws.

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our Atlanta mediation attorneys pursue every remedy possible to help you obtain justice for employee wrongs. We’ll review the pros and cons of mediation with you, advocate for your interests during negotiations, and develop strategies to help you move forward. If mediation fails, we will fight for you in court.

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This was my first time having to seek legal counsel on an employment issue so I was a bit nervous about the process. I was referred to Ed Buckley by a friend I respect and trust, and one that has over 20 years of experience in law. Mr. Buckley made the process much less intimidating for me. Many thanks to Mr. Buckley and team for helping me. I'd definitely hire them again. – Google review

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What is the mediation process?


In many respects, mediation is a wonderful alternative to litigation. Unlike the typical employment discrimination case, in mediation, you don't have to  spend years fighting to get your case to a jury.

Instead, mediation is simply a type of negotiation session that you and your employer participate in which is guided by the mediator, who works with both sides to facilitate a settlement of your case if possible. If you and your employer both agree to mediate your dispute, you can resolve your case quickly and efficiently, in a fraction of the time that a typical court case takes.

Typically, the process works like this: a neutral, third-party mediator of your choosing meets with you, your attorney, your employer, and your employer’s attorneys. His/her job is to try to facilitate an agreement.

The parties to the mediation all sign agreements that everything about the mediation is confidential. The conversations are not recorded or transcribed. Ideally, the parties reach a settlement that works for them. 


Is mediation required in Atlanta employment disputes?


Generally, mediation is a voluntary process in most employment cases, and all disputes involving the EEOC.

Is the mediation agreement binding?


If there is an agreement between the employee and the employer, then the agreement has the effect of a court order. If there is no agreement, then the parties start fresh with the appropriate court.

Is mediation used for employment contract disputes?

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Mediation can also be used for private disputes when employees wish to assert their rights based on an employment contract – provided that the employment contract does not require mandatory arbitration. 

Mediation can be very helpful when an employment dispute based on a written contract involves issues other than an employee who voluntarily leaves a company or is fired because mediation is a much friendlier way of resolving disputes. Employees and employers who can stay friendly can work together. Even employees and employers who separate may want to work together if they’re not competing for the same clients or customers.

Many employment disputes based on written contracts involve management employees or employees with advanced skills. Common disputes for these valuable employees include severance packages, non-compete provisions, non-solicitation benefits, confidentiality agreements, whether health insurance for the employee will continue, and the value of various benefits.

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What are the benefits of mediation in an employment dispute?


Some of the benefits of mediation are:

  • Mediation takes less time than a court hearing. It may be years before your case is heard by a jury.
  • There are generally no adverse consequences to mediation of your employment dispute.
  • Mediation is less formal than court hearings, which means mediation is less stressful.
  • You and the employer decide who the mediator is instead of the random selection of a judge.
  • Mediation is a way to test the strength of your claim and hear the employer’s arguments.
  • Mediations are private, and confidential. This means that any communications during the session cannot be disclosed during discovery, and may be deemed inadmissible in court. 

Our Atlanta employment mediation attorneys will review the pros and cons of mediation of discrimination and other employment disputes. We’ll help you decide whether mediation is right for you. 

Do you have an employment mediation attorney near me?

Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP meets employees at our office located in Atlanta at 600 Peachtree St. NE, Suite 3900. Our employment attorneys conduct phone and video consultations by appointment, and proudly serve clients throughout Georgia, including those in Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta, and Savannah.

When employers violate your rights, you need experienced employment lawyers on your side who understand what it’s to your advantage to try to reach a friendly resolution and when you need a judge or jury to protect your interests. 

Call our Atlanta employment mediation attorneys for experienced help now

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, we have a great deal of experience in mediating employment disputes. We can walk you through the mediation process and protect you every step of the way. Have our team look over your case and assess whether mediation is right for you, or if you should have your day in court. We understand your rights and your remedies. Our Atlanta employment attorneys represent employees throughout Georgia. To get started on your case, please call or contact us today.