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Everyone deserves a fair shake, they say. Here, you can be what you want, do what you want, and live the life that you want. This is the core tenet of our nation – that here, you have every opportunity to become the best version of yourself.

Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP is committed to this cause. And because we believe that equality in the workplace matters, our team fights to hold employers accountable when their actions or policies put your civil rights in jeopardy. From factory floors to C-Suite offices, from executive contract negotiations to winning a landmark anti-discrimination case before the United States Supreme Court, our attorneys in Atlanta are unwavering in our commitment to our clients. We earned our reputation as leaders in employment law and civil rights litigation – not only from the cases we’ve won, but from the cases we take. When you need help, we are your advocates.

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Litigation is never an easy choice when you believe you have been wronged and overcoming the emotion of the situation is often the greatest battle. Throughout the process, I felt as though they remained mindful of my investment in their services, while maintaining prompt responsiveness. In conclusion they were able to negotiate a very acceptable settlement on my behalf and I would highly recommend the firm. – Google review

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“We must respect the dignity and worth of every human being.” – John Lewis


At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, some of the hardest working people we have ever met are the clients who come to our law firm with an employment law issue. Opposing workplace discrimination, retaliation, and other civil rights violations is personal for us. Founding Partner, Ed Buckley’s father, Ferdinand Buckley, was inspired to fight for equality after flying missions in WWII under the cover of the valiant Tuskegee Airmen. That fighting spirit was passed down to Ed Buckley and is the foundation from which our firm was built. We will fight for you.

We all know that there are laws in place meant to protect employees from workplace misconduct. Yet, all too often, this misconduct goes unreported. According to a recent Gallup study, employees identified waste of time, fear, and unclear reporting procedures as the top reasons why they don’t share their experience with workplace misconduct with others. Our team of talented attorneys is here to help you analyze your legal claims, navigate corporate procedures, and apply our expert knowledge of laws and regulations. You don’t have to go suffer in silence. We will advocate for you.

Whether you’re in an entry level position, in academia, a medical professional, or a Fortune 500 executive, our Atlanta employment attorneys can help. We routinely represent clients in cases involving:

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Civil rights, in the language of the law, are our personal rights as protected by the Constitution and through legislation at the federal and state level. Most folks associate civil rights and civil justice as the fight against discrimination in all forms, but it’s a much bigger issue than that.

Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP is at the forefront of civil rights litigation in Georgia and across the country:

  • It is our lawyers who hold employers and other organizations and entities accountable for sexual assault.
  • It is our team of Atlanta litigators who will fight back against cases of police shootings and brutality.
  • It was our Atlanta lawyers who took Bostock v. Clayton County, GA all the way to the Supreme Court to ensure workplace protections from discrimination for LGBTQ+ individuals under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Multiple jury verdicts for victims of workplace discrimination and harassment.
  • Millions recovered for victims of workplace abuse.
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Every single day, our Atlanta civil rights attorneys are committed to getting into that “good trouble, necessary trouble” which helps make Georgia and all of America a more just, fair, and equal country under the law. Whether you’re looking for accountability because you were physically injured or demanding that a powerful business or religious organization take ownership of a history of wrongdoing, we are here to help you in that fight.


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At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our powerhouse legal advocates often take on complex, even high-profile cases. This regularly lands us in the news and media spotlight. Read about some of our more noteworthy cases and outcomes online today.

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Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP can handle any business litigation dispute you encounter with professionalism and efficiency. We know that as a business owner or head of a corporation, your reputation is paramount. By approaching each case proactively, working with you in unique one-on-one consultations, and preemptively identifying risks and costs to your business, we strive to provide excellent business litigation solutions that do not jeopardize all that you have accomplished.

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It doesn’t matter what your position is: when someone in a position of power uses that power to cause you harm, it’s traumatic. It’s demoralizing. It makes you feel small.

That’s when you need a team that’s willing to go big. When your employer breaks the law, Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP can help you hold them accountable.

We are a group of smart and effective fighters dedicated to helping the underdog. As your advocates, we counsel you about all the potential options and outcomes we can foresee, and offer you guidance in the path you choose. When the best option for you is a trial, you’ll have a team made up of Atlanta’s fiercest litigators on and by your side.

  • Award-winning attorneys recognized by Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Best Law Firms, and Georgia’s “Legal Elite”
  • Precedent-setting successes in state and federal courts
  • Decades of experience and millions of dollars recovered for clients
  • A diverse team with a common objective: to hold wrongdoers accountable

If you feel you have been wrongfully discharged, are the victim of sexual or racial harassment at your job, you’ve experienced retaliation after you made a complaint of discrimination to your employer, or if you need assistance regarding fraudulent business practices, contact us. Our experienced employment and business attorneys in Atlanta can help answer your questions.

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Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP is a premier employment and civil rights law firm serving individuals throughout Georgia. To learn more about our services or to request a consultation with an Atlanta attorney from our firm, please call or contact us today.