Client Testimonials

I highly recommend this Firm for your legal issues. I sincerely believe that the first point of contact is very important. With that being said, I spoke with Isabel who is the Intake Department Manager and she was courteous, understanding and very knowledgeable. Speaking with her made me sure that I contacted the right firm to help me with my legal issues! Isabel is the greatest! I was also amazed how this firm was able to assist me with my legal issues in such a timely manner. You will not be disappointed!

- T. Walker

Attorneys Tom Mew and Kyle Brooks are very personable and professional and care about their clients. I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking legal advice and representation with employment related matters.

- R. Hood

Litigation is never an easy choice when you believe you have been wronged and overcoming the emotion of the situation is often the greatest battle. Ed Buckley and Ashley Wilson Clark were exceptional, educating me along the way to the pros and cons of each step, the effort required, potential disruption to my life and outcomes. Throughout the process, I felt as though they remained mindful of my investment in their services, while maintaining prompt responsiveness. In conclusion they were able to negotiate a very acceptable settlement on my behalf and I would highly recommend the firm.

- T. Bosch

I highly recommend Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP for your employment law needs. I spoke with Joseph for over 45 minutes about a labor issue that is impacting me. He was caring, heard me out, and provided valuable feedback that was in my best interest. Do not hesitate to reach out to Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP if you have an employment law problem. I truly believe that they are here to help workers.

- S. Shubitz

Everyone I spoke with was extremely helpful, friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. The communication via phone and email was outstanding, as well. I felt like Isabel (intake manager) and Ashley (attorney) truly understood my concerns and questions. Highly recommend. This appears to be a law firm that truly cares about helping people!

- K. Somers

Anita is the consummate professional. Her attentiveness, knowledge of the law, and expertise using strategy to work in the best interest of her clients saved me time and money and gave me a peace of mind. I felt very supported and well represented in a bad situation. She was with me every step of the way to its successful resolution. Thank you Anita and team!

- T. Austin

Professional. Thorough. Always kept me informed on each step. Everyone I worked with was great.

Not a huge case, and they settled it very quickly. Went to EEOC first, which got me a right to sue letter. That took 1.5 years! Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP settled in about 75 days.

I highly, highly recommend them!

- K. Tallini

The whole staff was helpful knowledgeable and most importantly honest. It was certainly a pleasant experience especially after the unpleasant circumstance that lead me to them. Will definitely use Mr. Buckley in the future if a circumstance requires me to have representation.

- T. Lunsk

I worked with Thomas J. Mew IV at this firm. He was very responsive and knowledgeable. I won my case prior to trial and even prior to lawsuit. I would highly recommend this firm and specifically Thomas J. Mew IV.

- M. Man

I received a reference for Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP and was contacted by Ashley Wilson Clark who provided me with clear and practical legal advice.  She and her team were responsive,  knowledgeable, reassuring and effective. Happy client!

- V. Quarterman

Competent, respectful, and clear. Very happy to have made the connection with Thomas J. Mew IV.

- S. Peacebuilding

Mrs. Ashley Wilson Clark represented me and always answered emails and kept me updated on what was going on with my case. Thank you Mrs. Ashley and everyone at Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP!

- B. McAlister

I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Anita Bala. She was very kind and professional and kept me updated through every step of the process. The kind, courteous, and professional atmosphere began with the first phone call with the receptionist, and was maintained with every phone call and email with everyone involved. I would highly recommend this firm to everyone.

- C. Parker

My experience was wonderful especially with Ed Buckley and Fatisha Martinez

- J. Besselman

Truly a pleasure in a time when I needed direction, and support. From my first call, and being directed to Isabel Inguanzo, and her assistance getting me to the correct person Tom Mew, I was treated as my issues were important, not only to me but to them. Timely responses, respectful and thoughtful guidance, my case was one of many, but I never felt rushed or something was more important than what I had going on. Thank you Isabel and Tom!

- T. Buroker

This was my first time having to seek legal counsel on an employment issue so I was a bit nervous about the process. I was referred to Ed Buckley by a friend I respect and trust, and one that has over 20 years of experience in law. Mr. Buckley made the process much less intimidating for me, and ultimately, the ROI on hiring him was about 1500%, no joke (and I know how to calculate ROI). Many thanks to Mr. Buckley and team for helping me. I'd definitely hire them again (God forbid I'd ever need legal services again).

- K.D.

Edward Buckley is a very  knowledgeable attorney that has compassion and empathy for his clients. Finding an attorney with excellent communication, work ethics along with a great sense of spiritually and fairness is a gem. I'm thankful to God for guiding me in his direction, because I prayed on it first. I got a bonus with Bernadette Seals.  She is the breath of fresh air that sits on the front lineline, that's soothes the clients like a mother and listens attentively like a friend all with integrity and professionalism. The duo is unstoppable. I couldn't have a better attorney in this unfortunate situation. I trust God, Edward and Bernadette completely.

- K. Matthews