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The Athens– Clark County metropolitan area has over 180,000 residents, making it the fifth largest city in Georgia. With its cultural and social life, Athens is a great place to live and work––but, even so, there are times when you may be in need of an employment lawyer.

The attorneys of Buckley Bala Wilson Mew have extensive experience in employment law and business law. In Athens–Clark County area and all of northeastern Georgia, we are known as one of the state's most experienced firms focusing on employment law and business law.

Our team handles a wide range of cases, including those involving:

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About Athens

Athens is consistently ranked among the best places to live and work in the state, in the South, and in the country, including high workplace rankings by sources as diverse as Kiplingers, Forbes, and

The University of Georgia is the heart of the city. Established in 1785, it is the largest and oldest state– supported school in Georgia and the first state– chartered university in the country. The music and cultural scene is unparalleled in the state.

Although UGA is the city's largest employer, and there are many businesses that depend on the university, Athens business also includes farming, poultry, timber, and other diverse businesses.

Buckley Bala Wilson Mew: Protecting Clients Across Athens, Georgia

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew, we know that there are times when your employer doesn't treat you the right way, and times that employers may violate your rights under Georgia or even federal employment laws. We also understand that when your business is facing a legal dispute, you may have a lot to lose. Regardless of what type of dispute and what area of law you are dealing with, you can trust our team at Buckley Bala Wilson Mew to aggressively protect your rights.

We regularly represent clients in federal and state court trials, arbitration hearings, and mediations.

If you have any questions about you legal rights in the Athens area, anywhere in northeastern Georgia, or anywhere else in the state, please contact us. We are here for you.