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Athens is a terrific place to live and work. The joy of living in Athens starts with the University of Georgia. Athens has a great music and cultural scene. Employers, in addition to UGA, include many diverse businesses such as poultry, timber, and farming.

Employees who work in Georgia can enjoy all Athens has to offer if they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Most Athens employers understand what equal treatment of workers means. However, when employers discriminate, fail to pay you what you’ve earned, or try to place restrictions on the work you can do after you leave their company; you have the right to hold these employers accountable.

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our Athens employment attorneys hold employers accountable when they violate your rights. We file civil rights claims when rights guaranteed by the US Constitution or federal law are denied. From local agencies to local courts all the way to the US Supreme Court, we have the experience and record of success to be your advocates and your voice for fair treatment.

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This was my first time having to seek legal counsel on an employment issue so I was a bit nervous about the process. I was referred to Ed Buckley by a friend I respect and trust, and one that has over 20 years of experience in law. Mr. Buckley made the process much less intimidating for me. Many thanks to Mr. Buckley and team for helping me. I'd definitely hire them again. – Google review

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Our Athens employment attorneys want to protect your rights


When you’re terminated from your job or denied an opportunity because of discrimination or retaliation, it’s easy to become demoralized, upset, and angry. At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our lawyers are seasoned employment lawyers who fight hard for the underdog, for the person who lives paycheck to paycheck, and for workers who help their employer thrive.

Helping employees is personal for us. Our attorneys represent wronged employees Athens and the neighboring Georgia communities. We have a long history of helping all types of employees from manual laborers, delivery drivers, construction workers, cooks, manufacturing employees, scientists, healthcare workers, technical workers, university professors, executives, and everyone else who helps businesses in Athens grow and prosper.

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our lawyers have been recognized by former clients and the legal community for our commitment and dedication to our clients. We’ve helped many employees obtain strong recoveries that hold the employers accountable and compensate the employees for their damages. Some of what we offer our clients include:

  • Prestigious recognition by Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Best Law Firms, and Georgia Trend’s “Legal Elite”
  • Premier representation in state and federal courts including the US Supreme Court
  • Decades of experience and millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for past clients
  • A diverse team of experienced and caring employment attorneys

Whatever type of work you do and no matter how long you’ve been doing it, our Athens employment attorneys are ready to help you today.

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What types of employment claims do your Athens attorneys handle?


We handle the full range of employment claims, including the following:

Discrimination and wrongful treatment

Work is hard. Employers have a right to expect that you have the education, experience, curiosity, and drive to do your job. Still, there are limits. Employers have no right to treat you differently from other workers based on identity factors such as race, sex, or a disability. Employers should never tolerate the mistreatment of employees.

Any conduct that creates a discriminatory hostile work environment are unacceptable. Sexual harassment, which includes requests for sexual favors in return for promotions and the creation of a hostile work environment based on pervasive comments and conduct, are unconscionable.

Our Athens employment lawyers represent employees when your ability to do your job is adversely affected due to any of the following employer wrongs:

Contractual rights

Work is hard. That’s why you deserve for your employer to hold up their end of a contractual agreement. If you have a written employment contract or you’re considered an executive employee, we’ll hold your employer to the terms of the contract. We’ll fight for your severance pay and to limit any restrictions the employer places on you after you leave that limit your right and ability to earn a living. Our Athens employment lawyers claims involving:

Retaliation for asserting legal rights or whistleblowing on an employer

Employers do not have the right to retaliate because an employee asserts their right to make a complaint of discrimination or acts as a witness for another employee who does. Our Athen employment lawyers fight for employees who disclose fraudulent or illegal conduct. We handle:

Protected Leave of Absence From Work

Your employer should respect of your right to take a protected leave of absence from work. Our Athens employment lawyers hold employers accountable when they fail to allow you to take unpaid leave for your family during family changes such as births and family emergencies such as illnesses. If you’re injured or become ill while working, Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws protect your right to payment of your medical bills and provide for temporary and permanent disability benefits. Contact us about filing a claim related to:

What types of civil rights claims do your Athens attorneys handle?

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Civil rights is a broad term that applies to the loss of any rights protected by the US Constitution, federal, or state law. When the people you trust such as police officers and government officials violate your rights, you have the right to hold them accountable.

Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP is a leader in civil rights litigation in Athens, Georgia and across the country. We handle a broad range of civil rights claims including:

  • Civil Rights Claims
  • Violations of Constitutional Rights
  • 1983 Claims
  • LGBTQ+ Claims
  • Sexual Assault Claims

Our Athens lawyers won a US Supreme Court case, Bostock v. Clayton County, GA, which set the precedent that discrimination under the Civil Rights Act includes the protected classes of sexual orientation and gender identity.

How can my Athens employment claim be resolved?

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Each type of employee rights case is different. Some claims are handled before agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Some claims are filed in federal and state courts. Our Athens employment lawyers will explain your rights and which agency or court listens to your complaint that your employer failed to honor those rights. We are experienced trial lawyers who are very comfortable in a courtroom. We also represent clients when their case is resolved through the arbitration or the mediation process.

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What laws help Athens employees assert their rights?


There are federal laws and Georgia laws that protect employees when their rights are violated. Some of the more common ones that our Athens employment lawyers use on your behalf include the following:

How much is my Athens employment or civil rights claim worth?

Every case is different, and the damages you seek will depend on the case you have. If the applicable laws permit, you could be entitled to damages for:

  • Lost economic benefits and wages
  • Statutory damages, such as compensatory damages, punitive damages, or liquidated damages
  • Attorneys’ fees and expenses
  • Injunctive relief

Are there time limits for filing my Athens employment or civil rights claim?

The time for filing employment rights claims, or statute of limitations, will vary based on the type of case or claim. We encourage any Athens employee whose rights have been violated to contact us as soon as possible.

Do you have an Athens employment/civil rights attorney near me?

Our Athens employment attorneys meet clients at our offices located at 600 Peachtree St. NE, Suite 3900. We also conduct phone and video consultations by appointment, and proudly serve clients throughout Georgia, including in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta, and Savannah.

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Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP is respected across Georgia for our representation of workers in all professions and industry sectors for our successful representation of employees whose rights have been violated. We’ll put your mind at ease while we aggressively fight for your employment rights. To discuss your employee rights with our team of Athens employment rights and civil rights lawyers, schedule a consultation now. Call or contact us today.