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Are you facing a tax review? Are you being investigated by a local or federal taxing agency? If so, you cannot hesitate to retain an Atlanta tax dispute lawyer at Buckley Bala Wilson Mew to help protect you or your company. Many tax disputes are the result of a simple mistake on a tax form, and some are the result of an agency's position which may not be supported by the law.

We can assist you if you are being investigated by the following agencies:

  • Georgia Department of Revenue
  • Georgia Department of Labor
  • A county tax assessor
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Our firm can work with the taxing authorities to eliminate the problem or mistake. We can help fix the problem and prevent further stress and costs. Our goal is to always resolve your dispute in the most cost-effective manner possible while protecting your business interests. Taxing authorities have significant power and can be very harsh and closed-minded, but an experienced business litigation lawyer can help ensure that your case progresses well and ends well.

We are equipped to represent tax dispute cases in both state and federal courts. Our firm handles municipal tax disputes on the state municipal level, such as state taxes and property taxes, as well as federal tax disputes. More detailed cases include ad valorem tax on the value of real estate or personal property as well. Each of these types of disputes has its own unique issues, so do not hesitate to retain a seasoned attorney from our team who can help you resolve the matter quickly.

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Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses resolve disputes of all kinds. This can be accomplished either in or out of court. With over 85 years of combined experience, we focus on providing the highest quality representation with the personal commitment of a small-firm setting. We work hard to get results and support our clients as their case progresses. In addition to resolving tax disputes, we can also provide ongoing support for business transactions to help them prevent disputes from arising.

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