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Contract Review

Contract Review

Business Litigation Attorneys in Atlanta

Contracts are often considered the cogs in a business that keep the entire thing running smoothly, the wheels that spin the whole machine down the right path. How frustrating would it be if one of those metaphorical tires popped and derailed the entire operation? If your business is reliant on business contracts – you could be hard-pressed to find a business these days that is not – you have to be confident that they have been created precisely and will do just as you originally wished.

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our Atlanta business litigation lawyers can help you stand on solid ground by carefully reviewing your relevant business contracts. We have deliberately focused much of our practice on business litigation, earning us a strong reputation as a trustworthy team of attorneys.

Consider our awards and accolades when looking for professional guidance:

  • 85+ years of collective experience
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  • Personalized attention given to each client
  • Named a “Legal Elite” in Georgia Trend Magazine

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Checking Your Contracts, Up and Down

When you consider how intricate a business can be behind the curtains, it is no wonder to discover that business contracts are often just as intricate. The trouble that many hard-working Americans run into is that contracts are often written in legalese, or language that is intentionally geared to only be understood by legal professionals. Yes, legalese can help keep you and your company out of trouble but, no, it should not hinder you from understanding what is going on within your own business. If you retain our services, we can guide you through your contract and review it, each and every clause. We work hard to help prevent contract disputes.

We will want to make certain that your contracts:

  • Do as you expected
  • Uphold your business, not exploit it
  • Set payment agreements when necessary
  • Include all relevant parties
  • Creates a deadline or date of expiry
  • Mentions dispute resolution

It is also entirely possible that you are not the person who created the contract in question; instead, you could be the person who has been given a contract and is now expected to sign it. In any legal situation, the general rule of thumb is to never sign anything you do not fully understand. If you have been handed paperwork and are told it requires your autograph, you should be permitted the time to take it to a business litigation lawyer for review. If you are not granted that permission, the contact could be unfavorable to you.

We are the Compass for Your Business

A business that does not have its contracts in order is oftentimes a business that is unstable, both financially and structurally. Why should you worry that your company is on faulty ground due to a mistake in wording when you could find peace of mind today with the assistance of our Atlanta business litigation attorneys? That is what we are here for, after all – helping those in need with problems both big and small.

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