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Business Transactions

Business Transactions

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While buying or selling a business may be the largest forms of business transactions, they are certainly not the only ones that are important. Every time your company needs to make a purchase, sell a product or service, or set up any agreement involving finances, it needs to be done correctly and to your best interests. If it is not handled correctly, any sort of business transaction, big or small, could harm your business.

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, our Atlanta business lawyers can be your legal guides for all things related to business transactions. People and corporations throughout the state and the country know they can turn to us for one-on-one attorney attention backed by all the strength and knowledgeability of a larger legal firm.

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Forms of Business Transactions

If a business interaction ends up on your accountant’s desk, it is technically a business transaction. As you may already know from running or managing a business, there are actually not many things your company can do that do not involve money or an exchange of services at one point or another. For this reason and many more, you must remain vigilant and monitor your business transactions to avoid potentially damaging mistakes or oversights.

Some examples of business transactions include:

Protecting Your Finances & Reputation

In the world of business, how you conduct yourself and complete transactions is how other corporations and companies will view yours. If you cannot get your paperwork in order, delay a transaction, or miss a payment, it will harm your business’s reputation. Future contracts, partnerships, and other business relations can be seriously hampered by the smallest mistake in a business transaction.

You must also be aware of your own finances and how they are being managed. Using a completely hands-off approach and allowing your employees to handle everything can end up costing you greatly if they are not seeking out the best deals for your business. You could also run into accusations of fraudulent business practices from vendors and partners that worry you were trying to “short change” them but it was only a slipup from your employee.

Take Control of Your Business

If you want to know that your business transactions are as effective and beneficial to your company as they can be, you should team up with our Atlanta business lawyers. We can review your transactions for legal errors, help you establish or plan for upcoming transactions, and provide legal representation in case you run into a dispute so serious that it requires litigation.

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