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Your small business may feel like your entire life – and in many ways it can be – but there will come a day when retirement is the right option for you. What will that day mean for your business, though? To avoid letting your company fall into uncertainty, and to know that it will continue to thrive even after you have stepped away, you will want to create a business succession plan now.

At Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, we bring 85+ years of collective litigation experience to the table. When the people of Georgia want their businesses to be taken care of and defended in court, they come to our business litigation lawyers in Atlanta. From contract breaches to joint ventures, we have seen it all and can certainly help you with your business succession plan.

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Legal Foresight in Times of Uncertainty

As any business owner knows, tomorrow may be the polar opposite of yesterday. Nothing in the world of business is truly predictable. While this might show that choosing the best successor is difficult, it also speaks for all the reasons why making a plan sooner than later is so important.

There are several key components of a business succession plan, including:

  1. Choosing a successor: Your gut instinct might be to choose your second-in-command but, unless you have a business contract that says so directly, they are probably not guaranteed to become the boss when you leave the business. You have every right to choose someone else, like a trusted family member. Work closely with us and we can review your options and steer you towards the right choice.
  2. Business value: The worth of your business plays a huge part in your succession plan because you are entitled to a share of it when you leave. Make certain you get your fair profits when you decide to pass along the torch.
  3. Life insurance policies: Something that many business owners do not realize is that they may be leaving the business not by choice. Purchasing a life insurance policy for yourself or your successors can ensure that financial matters concerning the business will go smoothly in the unfortunate event of an unexpected passing.
  4. Buy-sell agreements: You may choose to create a plan for future sale of your business and outline how to smoothly transfer your business to the next owner.

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A succession plan means nothing if it is not on paper, and it can do little good if it is not drafted correctly. Make certain that the future of your business and livelihood is being respected and protected by drafting your succession plan with us. From the transfer of your assets to the foundation for the company’s guidelines, we can cover all bases on your behalf.

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