Will the New Overtime Rule be Implemented?

In 2016, the Obama administration adopted new regulations that would entitled millions of additional workers to earn overtime pay by raising the threshold to consider worker exempt.  The implementation of this rule could potentially increase the take home pay of many workers across the country.  However, the implementation of the rule has been delayed.  In December 2016, a federal judge in Texas put the rule on hold (stayed its implementation).    This decision was appealed.    In late February, the court extended its deadline to respond to the appeal until May 2016.  As a result of the legal maneuverings, the implementation of the law is now on hold.

In the meantime, employers are not required to pay overtime compensation to employees based on the adjusted salary threshold.  Further, it is unknown whether the new administration will support the new rules, or abandon the expansion of overtime – which is perceived as a pro-worker policy.  Additionally, a White House memorandum directing agencies to cease the implementation of new regulations further complicates matters.

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