Whistleblower trial asserts executive suffered retaliation after reporting fraud

Recent employment law news reports that the trial has just begun in a whistleblower suit against a mutual funds group. A high level executive of the group asserted that after she complained that the company may have defrauded investors, the company conducted “a campaign of retaliation” against her.

Whistleblower laws were designed to protect employees who witness wrongdoing by their company/employer and come forward. A variety of different whistleblowing laws exist such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which provide federal protections for employees. These protections provide relief such as lost compensation and attorney fees if you have been terminated. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), also provides whistleblower protections to employees who disclose workplace violations.

The company asserted that these claims were baseless and made after she was passed over for a job.

According to her complaint, after coming forward to describe errors in the way the company was reported her fees, her pay was lowered and she endured “unrestrained harsh treatment” aimed at making it harder for her to do her job. She ultimately resigned from her job due based on her treatment.

Whistleblower laws are intended to protect and encourage employees to come forward to disclose improper, fraudulent and/or illegal actions at their place of work. If you see fraudulent activity, and are reluctant to come forward due to potential consequences, or if you have come forward and have faced retaliation, we can help.

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