The Importance of Cracking Down on Minimum Wage Violations

A recent investigation by Politico determined that as legislative fights continue concerning raising the minimum wage, enforcement of current minimum wage laws can be a challenge. The national minimum wage remains at $7.25/hour, with several cities and other local municipalities having higher pay rates. Despite the encouraging news that minimum wage rates are rising, many industries still underpay workers in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), trying to skirt the law hoping to avoid repercussions and fines, in order to maintain an economic advantage. This practice is particularly prevalent in some service industries such as restaurant workers, landscapers, and cleaners. In order to change this practice, it’s important to challenge employers.

The federal Department of Labor or other state agencies can look into violations, however, contacting a private lawyer is the best step to review your employer’s pay and workplace practices.

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