Sex Discrimination Suit Alleges Systemic Bias

New reports that a recent employment discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Nike. The sex discrimination lawsuit asserts that women were systematically discriminated against, and passed over for promotions, pay increases and other benefits of employment.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects women from discrimination in terms of employment. This means that it is improper for employers to take sex/gender into consideration when making employment related decisions such as whether to hire, fire, or promote. In this instance, the potential class-action sex discrimination lawsuit asserts that Nike “intentionally and willfully discriminated against [women] with respect to pay, promotions, and conditions of employment.” It further asserts that “Nike judges women more harshly than men, which means lower salaries, smaller bonuses, and fewer stock options,” and that “Women’s complaints to human resources about discrimination and harassment, including sexual assault, are ignored or mishandled.”

Early this year, following a review of its pay practices the company raised the salaries of 7,000 employees and apologized to its employees for failing to address systemic sex discrimination.

The lawsuit seeks back wage and damages.

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