Race Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Fox News

A new lawsuit has been filed against Fox News alleging racial discrimination.  According to the suit, two African American women at a Fox affiliated station located in the Bronx were subjected to several year’s long repeated racial discrimination.  Allegedly demeaning and discriminatory actions included mocking “stereotyped speech” and forcing the women to pronounce the words  “‘mother,’ ‘father,’ ‘month’ and ‘ask’ correctly in front of white employees.”  They were also subjected to questions such as whether their children were all from the same father.  Further, following the filing of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs faced retaliation, according to the complaint.  One of the women was fired, and the other was demoted.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, including racial harassment.  Further, retaliation as the result of complaining about discrimination is also prohibited.   Even if the underlying discrimination is not proven, evidence of retaliatory action taken in response to a complaint may be sufficient for a successful claim pursuant to Title VII.  The allegations set forth in the complaint if proven, would provide a strong case of racial discrimination and are an unfortunate reminder that discrimination in the workplace still exists, and plagues many workers who are simply seeking to do their jobs.

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