Large Employers Not Always in Compliance With Wage And Hour Laws

The Federal Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) requires employers pay employees at least minimum wage, and that non-exempt employees earn time and a half for all time work beyond 40 hours in any one work week. However, a recent expose examined the history of some of Georgia’s largest companies mistreating its employees with respect to wage and hour payments. Numerous big employers have faced scrutiny for allegedly violating these terms, yet receive tax incentives and/or other perks for doing business in the state.

For example, a class action is currently pending against Dollar General, where current and former employees allege that the company required them to work “off the clock” and did not pay them for that time. Since 2010, roughly 3600 wage theft lawsuits have been filed across the country against the company as well as numerous disability and race discrimination lawsuits. However, despite its history of unfair treatment of workers, taxpayer money is going to help build a new distribution center in Butts County.

Likewise, Walmart received state money to create jobs in Fulton County, despite a long history of lawsuits alleging of discrimination and wage theft.

While job creation is critical, it is important that large employers follow federal wage and hour laws, as well as laws preventing discrimination. One observer suggested that before Georgia lawmakers provide tax subsidies to private companies, they should review how the companies’ treat their employees.

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