Disney to Pay Millions in Wage and Hour Dispute

According to reports, the Walt Disney Company has agreed to settle a wage and hour lawsuit for $3.8 Million. The FLSA lawsuit was brought by the federal government on behalf of hotel and time share resort workers alleging that the company violated numerous provisions, including failing to pay minimum wage, overtime compensation, and improper record keeping.

Allegedly, the employees were required to put in about 15 minutes before and after work, which they were not compensated for. Additionally, Disney deducted an expense for uniforms which dropped numerous employees’ hourly rate below required minimum wage. In a statement, Disney comented that a group of cast members may have performed outside of their scheduled shift, so the settlement will provide back pay to these workers.

While many of the details surrounding the investigation are unknown, unfortunately violations such as these are fairly common in many different workplaces. Industries that require uniforms, costume and the wearing of special safety equipment are often prone to lawsuits, depending on their policies for donning and doffing (putting on and taking off your work clothes) and whether this time is compensated.

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