Age Discrimination Persists

Recently, CBS News reported that Age Discrimination is alive and well.  As Americans are fighting to gain employment, improve their standards of living, and save money for the future, the fact that employment discrimination of any kind remains is disheartening.   Further, for older workers who often face increasing health care costs and want to remain active and in the workforce, age discrimination comes as a slap in the face.

A recent study on age discrimination – one of the largest of its kind – found that despite laws protecting older workers, age discrimination persists.  It is especially prevalent among women.  The experiment used phony job seekers with identical skills to apply for love level jobs, in three age groups, 29-31, 49-51 and 64-66.  The statistics found that the callback rates for younger workers was higher across all groups than for the older workers.

Such findings are troubling as fewer traditional retirement plans exist, and retirement at age 65 is not a possibility for many.   The details of the study can be found here.

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