Wage Theft Has Cost Low Income Workers Billions In Compensation

NBC News reports that wage theft is costing low wage earners literally billions in lost compensation. According to an analysis published by the Economic Policy Institute, close to $1 billion was recovered in 2012 on behalf of workers for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations – such as being paid less than minimum wage or not receiving the overtime compensation they were entitled to.

The FLSA sets forth certain protections that cover nearly all workers – the right to earn at least minimum wage and that non-exempt employees be paid overtime compensation at a rate of one and one-half times their standard rate of pay for each hour worked in excess of 40 hours in a work week.

If you have questions about the FLSA or believe that you may have not received all the pay you are entitled to, consulting with a top Georgia wage and hour attorney is important to evaluate your situation and determine your next steps.

Labor experts are not surprised with the results noting, “It seems likely that the recession would have intensified this problem.” In fact a previous study of low-wage workers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles revealed that about 25% of workers surveyed said they had been paid below minimum wage within the last week, and 75% of those who worked more than 40 hours a week weren’t paid overtime.

Further, authors of the study note if the earlier study were extrapolated to the entire country’s low-wage labor market, wage theft could cost workers more than $50 billion every year. As a result, it’s important that workers understand their rights to minimum wage and overtime compensation and fight to ensure they receive they wages that they are entitled to.

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