Wage and hour laws may be affected by changes at local level

With the federal overtime law on hold, many wonder how their rights to overtime pay and minimum wages will be affected. While what the federal government will do remains to be seen, most believe that the new rule which would have raised the salary threshold for being labelled exempt (and thus unable to earn overtime pay) will not take effect. As a result, many states and localities have laws in place that will impact whether you may be entitled to overtime pay. Additionally, several states and municipalities have implemented laws which require workers to be paid more than the federal minimum wage. Currently, Georgia’s minimum wage of $5.15 is lower than the federal level of $7.25, making the federal amount applicable (the higher minimum takes precedence). However, recent movements in the Atlanta area have called for raising the minimum for $15/hour, similar to many localities around the country. One nearby town – Clarkston – has raised the minimum wage for all city employees to $15/hour.

Thus, in addition to rules set forth by the federal government, it is important to check your state and local laws concerning your rights to minimum wage and overtime pay.

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