Sex Discimination Case Filed Against Costco

This past week, the EEOC filed a sex discrimination case against retail giant Costco. The Title VII lawsuit alleges that Costco violated federal sex discrimination laws when it failed to protect a female employee from unwanted sexual advances made by a customer. According to the lawsuit although the woman repeatedly complained to her managers about the stalker, Costco failed to take steps to protect her.

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Here, the lawsuit alleges that the woman informed her managers numerous times about the stalker’s actions including being pursued, approached and confronted by the man. She also obtained an order of protection against him. However, despite Costco agreeing that the man was “not right” and stating that they would monitor the situation, when the woman eventually complained to the police, Costco management yelled at her and told her to be friendly to the customer.

A spokesperson noted, “All employers have a duty to protect employees from sexual harassment whatever form that harassment may take – whether it’s lewd remarks, groping, propositioning or stalking. No employer gets a pass because it is a customer targeting its employee, rather than a manager or fellow employee. That’s particularly true when the harassment is especially egregious.”

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