School Bus Company Settles Wage and Hour Lawsuit with Drivers for $1.6M

A school bus company – First Student, Inc. – has just agreed to settle a wage and hour class action lawsuit brought by its drivers based on alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). According to the lawsuit, the bus drivers were illegally denied pay they deserve for maintenance duties performed both before and after they drove their routes. The bus drivers asserted that they must be compensated for all time worked and denying them pay for this time violates federal labor law. Pursuant to the FLSA, workers must be paid for all time worked, and all non-exempt employees are entitled to be compensated at the rate of one and one-half times their standard rate of pay for all time worked in excess of 40 hours for any work week.

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In this instance, the First Student drivers filed the class action lawsuit alleging numbers wage and hour violations. These included:

  • Not compensating the workers for time spent donning and doffing safety equipment;
  • Not compensating the drivers for off-the-clock time spent awaiting route assignments and keys; and
  • Not compensating the workers for time spent inspecting the busses after they were done with their routes.

The case was settled out of court.

First Student is the largest school bus company in the country, and serves more than 1300 school districts.

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