New Bill Takes Aim At Employment Discrimination Based on Credit Report

Recently, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) introduced a new bill aimed at eliminating potential employment discrimination based on credit scores. The bill, called the Equal Employment for All Act, criticizes the practice of American employers checking the credit history of job applicants. The legislators argue that such credit history checks discriminate against individuals who have faced academic hardships or were victims of a bad economy.

Warren and Cohen emphasized the importance of basic fairness, stating that Americans should be able to compete for jobs based on their qualifications, not on whether they have enough money to pay their bills. They further argued that it is unjust to exclude people with bad credit from the job market, as this practice hinders their ability to earn income and improve their financial situation.

Furthermore, for the majority of jobs, there is little correlation between an individual’s job performance and their credit report. While a good credit report may be relevant for certain positions requiring security clearance, in most cases, a credit check is unnecessary.

The Equal Employment for All Act aims to provide assistance to those Americans who need jobs the most, ensuring they are not subjected to employment discrimination based on their financial circumstances.

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