Millions of low-wage earners to get a raise in 2017

The nation’s lowest paid workers in 19 states will be getting a pay raise come 2017.  Numerous states across the country will be raising their minimum wage after the new year.  In Missouri and Washington, the minimum wage will be adjusted to $11/hour, the highest state minimum wage.  Other states set to increase their minimum wage include California, New York, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, South Dakota and Vermont.  The Federal minimum wage remains at $7.25/hour.  In general, where the state or municipal minimum wage is higher, workers will take home the greater wage.  However, this depends on your employer, and in some situations, the number of workers at your place of employment. The minimum wage will also go up this weekend in 22 cities and counties, including San Diego, San Jose and Seattle.

Workers affected by these increases are rejoicing, as the higher income will help them to make ends meet, and boost local economies by giving consumers more money to spend.  Often the increased wages go directly to buy food and clothing and other household items, which helps area businesses.

Georgia’s state minimum wage will remain at $5.15, one of the lowest in the nation.  However, certain businesses and localities throughout the state have adopted higher rates.  For example, this past September, Atlanta’s Gas South announced that it would increase minimum wage for its workers to $15.00/hour, and the City of Clarkston have adopted a $15.00/hour minimum. Worker’s rights advocacy groups have been lobbying for increases to both Atlanta’s and the state’s wage laws.

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