Have You Been a Victim of Age Discrimination?

An unfortunate consequence of the aging population in America and the desire of employees to work longer is the increasing occurrence of age discrimination. Employers often perceive older, more experienced workers as costlier due to factors like seniority and pension plans. Consequently, when companies face financial difficulties and need to save money, they may let go of those who possess valuable skills and experience.

Instances of age discrimination include employers choosing not to hire someone based on their appearance, preferring a younger-looking candidate for the job. Discriminatory catch phrases may also be used, such as describing someone as “inflexible” regarding new assignments or stating that the project requires a “digital native,” or expressing the need for “new blood.” These phrases may mask biases against older workers. If age bias impacts your ability to secure a job or promotion, or results in your termination, you may have a valid claim for age discrimination.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), enacted in 1967, prohibits employers from taking negative employment actions against workers aged 40 and older, including hiring, firing, or failure to promote. Unfortunately, age discrimination cases continue to rise.

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