Fox News Faces Racial Discrimination Charges

More employees have now joined a previously filed racial lawsuit against the Fox News Network arising out of actions at a New York station.  According to reports, an executive at the station frequently used racial slurs and insults.  She also allegedly forced black female workers to arm wrestle white co-workers for entertainment.  The lawsuit also asserts that management at the station was aware of the alleged actions, but failed to take corrective action.   The executive has been fired, but only after the lawsuit was initiated.

Pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination against employees based on (“because of”) their race or color is illegal.  This means that your employer may not take your race or color into consideration when making employment based decisions such as hiring, firing or promoting.  Further, harassment such as using racial slurs may be the basis for a racial discrimination claims.   Additionally, if you complain about actions that may constitute race discrimination or harassment, and you are retaliated against, you may also have a separate claim for retaliation, even if the underlying discrimination or harassment is not proven.

For more information, or if you believe you have suffered any form of employment discrimination, such as race or color discrimination, please contact our experienced Atlanta racial discrimination lawyers at once to help you fight back.

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