CNN Faces Race Discrimination Claims

Employment law news reports that a race discrimination lawsuit has been filed against CNN in a Georgia federal court. According to the lawsuit, the media giant has engaged in both racially discriminatory and harassing behaviors. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits race discrimination. This includes taking race into consideration when making employment decisions such as hiring, firing or promoting. Additionally, race discrimination is not just company policies and practices, but may involve racial harassment, such as the use of derogatory racial jokes by co-employees without knowledge of company management.

Plaintiffs in the recent lawsuit allege that CNN has engaged in both. First, they assert that statistics show CNN has discriminated in the hiring and promotion of African American workers and second, that supervisors and co-workers have made racially charged, derogatory comments to black employees. This lawsuit follows on the heels of a similar federal lawsuit filed against Fox News in New York.

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