Age Discrimination Continues to Affect American Workplaces

Age discrimination continues to have a grip on many American work places. As highlighted by Madonna while accepting a Billboard Music Award, she stated “To age is to sin … I think the most controversial thing I have ever done is to stick around.”

A commentator noted, Ageism is one of the last “bastions of prejudice” in the North American workforce.

Age discrimination occurs when an employee or applicant is treated less favorably based on his or her age. It happens when employers allow bias against older workers to affect their employment decisions such as passing over deserving employees for promotions, career opportunities, or training.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) was signed in 1967 by President Lyndon B. Johnson in order “to promote the employment of older persons based on ability rather than age, to prohibit arbitrary age discrimination in employment and to help employers and workers find ways to address problems arising from the impact of age on employment.” The ADEA protects all workers over the age of 40. Silicon Valley and the tech community seem particularly prone to age discrimination. Two applicants over the age of 40 are suing Google after they were denied jobs as software engineers. The case is now a collective action, which means that others may join the suit.

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