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Facebook Faces Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

Earlier this week, a former Facebook employee filed a gender and race discrimination lawsuit against the social networking site. The lawsuit alleges that the woman was hired to work as a program manager, and then promoted to be a technology partner. However, although she received raises throughout her employment, when she began complaining about harassment, she was fired.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin and religion. This means that your company cannot take any form of adverse of negative action against you because you are a member of one of these protected categories. Further, if you complain about discrimination and suffer negative consequences – such as being fired, transferred to a worse location, given worse hours, or not being promoted – it may be possible to file a lawsuit for retaliation.

In this instance, the employee complained of being belittled at work, asked why she didn’t “just stay home and take care of her children.” She also alleged that she was “admonished” when she requested time off to visit her child at school. She also says she was “ordered to organize parties and serve drinks to male colleagues, which was not a part of her job description and not something that was requested of males with whom she worked.” When Hong was fired, she says she was replaced by a less qualified male.

She further asserted that her professional opinions belittled or ignored at group meetings in which she was one of the only employees of Chinese descent.

She is seeking back pay and damages.

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