Pam Rymin

Litigation Paralegal

Pam Rymin supports attorneys who fight for the rights of employees in discrimination claims, including race, age, gender, national origin, disability discrimination, and retaliation cases, whistleblower investigations, wage and hour disputes, and the negotiation of executive employment agreements and severance packages. She is involved with clients from the initial call seeking counsel to assisting through the litigation process. In her tenure with the firm, Pam has managed large, complex document productions, organized and run focus groups, prepared cases for the courtroom and assisted during trials.

Pam initially joined Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP in 2005, leaving briefly in August 2018 to spend seven months sailing in Central America. Being on the “side of the angels” is a crucial distinction to Pam as she believes strongly in fighting for the working class and standing up for those who have limited resources to fight for themselves.

Pam attended Georgia State University and graduated with Honors from the National Center for Paralegal Training’s ABA-approved program. In her earlier professional life, she was a founding member of The Law Project with Al Horn, specializing in criminal defense. Prior to joining Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP, Pam spent several years working with two other firms focused on civil matters and environmental compliance.

Pam Rymin Litigation Paralegal

When not working, Pam is active with voter registration efforts, as well as advocating for the public interest with elected officials, particularly concerning legislation for equal rights, voter protection, healthcare, protection of unions, climate change, and overturning Citizens United. She started her political activism in the 1970's with 9-5: Atlanta Working Women (now 9-5: Georgia Working Women), serving two terms as the organization’s president. Pam lives in Atlanta with her incredible dog, Jackson, and is extremely proud of her children. Her passions are national politics, live music, debating current issues, and binging on documentaries.