Luis Araya Jr.

Office Manager

Luis Araya Jr. is the office manager for the law firm. In his role, he supports our lawyers as they support workers’ rights, defending people against discrimination, retaliation, whistleblower complaints and helping them negotiate executive employment contracts and severance payments.

Luis was top of his class at Southern Catholic College and part of the school’s first graduating class.

As a teen, Luis participated in the local youth program at his church, where he served as Youth of the Year and attended retreats such as the Christian Leadership Institute.

Prior to coming to the firm, Luis worked for an electronic health records company. He began his career as a bilingual patient advocate, assisting clients with billing inquiries and submitting paperwork to insurance companies. He was given the opportunity to manage several internal teams and new clients in revenue cycle management after being promoted to project manager.

Outside of work, Luis spends weekends at his cabin, camping, hiking and coaching soccer for his son’s little league team. Luis also is committed to assisting others, such as feeding the hungry and delivering food to homeless people and some nonprofit organizations.

Luis Araya Jr