Wage and Hour Lawsuits More Prevalent in 2014

As the push for minimum wage increases continue, so too do wage and hour lawsuits. While McDonalds CEO Don Thompson has brought light to the issue of low wages, stating the he would support a bill increasing the minimum wage to $10.10, low pay and wage theft remains a significant problem.

Currently the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides certain provisions protecting workers including minimum wage and overtime compensation requirements. The current minimum wage is set at $7.25/hour, and although some states have higher requirements, such rate is far too low for many Americans to make a living.

If you have questions about how the FLSA protects you, and whether you are receiving all the wages you rightly deserve, it is a good idea to speak to a skilled Atlanta wage and hour attorney right away.

A number of wage and hour lawsuits have been filed in federal and state courts against McDonalds alleging “wage theft,” that employees were forced to work off the clock, shave time off their cards, and were not paid required overtime. These high profile claims have led to an increased awareness concerning employees’ rights and paycheck fairness.

In fact, statistics show that the number of FLSA lawsuits has quadrupled since 2000. Many of these cases are based on similar violations as those alleged in the McDonalds lawsuits – that employers have failed to pay workers all the compensation they deserve by either not paying workers for all time worked (and as a result paying less than minimum wage), or by violating overtime compensation laws.

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