Unpaid Intern At Charlie Rose Show Files Wage And Hour Lawsuit

A former intern at the Charlie Rose show has filed a wage and hour lawsuit based on alleged violations of state wage laws similar to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that require employers to pay interns who perform certain types of work.

Before you accept a position as an “unpaid intern” it is a good idea to consult with an experienced Georgia wage and hour lawyer who can determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your work.

According to the lawsuit, Lucy Bickerton worked 25-hours a week at the show performing a variety of tasks including providing background research for Mr. Rose about interview guests, assembling press packets, escorting guests through the studio, breaking down the interview set after daily filming and cleaning up the green room. “Despite the significant work they perform, ‘Charlie Rose’ interns are not compensated for any of their work,” the lawsuit said.

A representative commented that “Systematic violation of federal and state laws that coverage internships appears all too common at some media companies. More and more unpaid interns are standing up for their right to earn a wage for their work.”

Further, many employers who use unpaid internship are violating federal and state laws by having them do the jobs of employees without paying them for their work.

Internships are designed to be an educational experience that provides training – unpaid internships are only lawful in the context of a training program under which it’s possible that an employer doesn’t derive any benefit. It most situations where interns take the place of regular workers, they must be treated as employees and be paid.

If you have questions about internships or believe you have not been paid the compensation you are entitled to, please contact the dedicated Atlanta wage and hour attorneys at Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP.