Top Wage and Hour Issues for 2017

A House subcommittee of the United States Congress met last week to discuss future wage and hour policies. Much of the discussion will focus on the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), which was enacted in the 1930s to provide basic protections to workers, including ensuring workers earn minimum wage, and that non-exempt workers are paid overtime compensation. Moving forward, some issues that advisers would like to see addressed include making sure that the labor rules and clear and easy to understand by both employers and employees. Greater transparency will help ensure that the protections are provided as intended by the law.

Additionally, many are left wondering about whether any expansion to overtime eligibility will occur, with the prior revised rule unlikely to be instituted. The revised rule was devised after evaluating months of public commentary, department discussions. Much support exists for making expanding overtime eligibility – even if not to the extent of the new law.

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