Should Thanksgiving Workers Get Overtime Pay?

More and more retailers seeking to capitalize on holiday shopping are requiring employees work on Thanksgiving. While many take advantage of this extra opportunity to get great deals, save money and get a start on holiday shopping, this trend has generated significant amount of criticism from workers, as well as lawmakers who are concerned that employees are being taken advantage of.

Generally, workers who are required to work on Thanksgiving earn an increased wage – however there is no one set rule regarding how much you should get paid. This is often governed by a union contract or company policy. While some employees get “holiday pay” even if they are not required work, others may be forced to work, and whether they get paid time and an half, double-time or their standard wage varies. If you have questions concerning your rights if you have to work on Thanksgiving, or any other wage and hour issue, consulting with an experienced Atlanta wage and hour attorney is important to ensure you get paid all the compensation you deserve.

Currently several lawmakers are considering legislation that would provide workers greater protections to refuse to work on Thanksgiving, and if they do provide substantial overtime pay. One bill being considered in Ohio would ban retailers from retaliating against employees who opt not to work on Thanksgiving and require them to pay triple wages to those who show up. Connecticut lawmakers are seeking to ensure all retail workers forced to come in on Thanksgiving get paid overtime for all hours worked. Other states have completely banned most retailers from being open on Thanksgiving or Christmas. With the trend toward more stores opening for Thanksgiving shopping, the debate over workers rights and holiday pay is certain to continue.

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