Reverse Sex Discrimination Case Filed Against Restaurant Chain

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits sex discrimination in the workplace. This means that employers may not take gender into consideration when it makes employment decisions, including whether to hire, fire, or promote a particular worker. The Act was originally designed to help protect women from discriminatory actions, but it also applies to men – and more recently courts have been called on to consider the inclusion of transgender workers in its protections.

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In a newly filed employment discrimination lawsuit, a group of male employees from Ruby Tuesday’s has alleged that the restaurant chain illegally discriminated against men in handing out lucrative work assignments. At issue, an internal request for workers to apply to for a position at the restaurant’s Park City Utah location. Those hired, would have the opportunity to earn more money as seasonal servers and bartenders at the resorts, and would have housing paid for by the company. The restaurant explicitly noted its preference for female applicants, according to the suit. Seven women and no men were hired for the jobs.

A representative of the EEOC commented that the lawsuit it a “cautionary tale to employers that sex-based employment decisions are rarely justified, and are not consistent with good business judgment.”

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