New Legislation Introduce to Raise Base Pay For Tipped Workers

A Maryland Congresswoman has introduced a new bill to amend federal law regarding the way “tipped employees” are paid. The bill – known as WAGES [working for adequate gains for employment in services] would require employers pay a base salary of at least $5.50, up 158% from its current $2.13.

Tipped employees – such as waiters and waitresses – are guaranteed minimum wage and overtime under federal law. The bill will not affect worker’s legal rights to demand fair compensation. Even if it doesn’t pass, those rights remain in place.

Instead this bill seeks to raise the amount employers must pay in direct wages to workers. Supporters see this as an important measure to ensure tipped workers receive adequate pay. Depending on the amount of tips earned, a tipped worker’s take home pay could increase.

As Atlanta employment lawyers, we support those measures that help workers obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

If you work as a tipped employee and believe you have not received all the money you are entitled to – either because you are not receiving minimum wage or not receiving overtime- you may be able to file a claim for back wages.

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