Lawrenceville Captain Exposed Sex Harassment, Now Says She Faces Retaliation

“She’s being marginalized, cut out of the loop,” Ed Buckley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on behalf of his client, the Lawrenceville police captain who says she is being retaliated against by the Lawrenceville Police Department, and cannot speak publicly due to a gag order, while the acting police chief hosted a press conference.

“It’s been very difficult for her to deal with,” Buckley said.

Ed says he’s speaking on behalf of Capt. Tawnya Gilovanni because she fears the city will fire her if she talks publicly to defend herself and set the record straight about the harassment.

In the written complaint, Gilovanni said, “I believe that it is Chief Walker’s goal to force me to resign my employment or to terminate me for pretextual reasons,” said in the written complaint.”

Ed told the newspaper the ongoing retaliation has made it difficult for her to carry out her job commanding the uniform and patrol division as well as its special operations unit.

Gilovanni, the department’s only female captain, came forward to expose a culture hostile to women and to report that men in the command staff were sexually harassing her.

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