Employment Practices May Be Considered Gender Disricimination

Many times when workplace discrimination occurs its subtle. For example sex discrimination doesn’t necessarily include an overt statement or action – such as groping or other obvious sexual actions – but may rather exist in a company’s policy or actions that have the effect of discrimination – but aren’t quite so obvious.

It’s important to remember – even if the discrimination isn’t “obvious” – it still counts as discrimination and you may be able to file an employment discrimination lawsuit.

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Recently, a group of female employees filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against Daiichi Sankyo Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese pharmaceuticals firm. The class action discrimination lawsuit alleges that the company systematically discriminates against female sales employees based on their sex and caregiver status in pay, promotions, advancement opportunities, and other terms and conditions of employment.

The lawsuit may affect as many as 500 women nation wide.

The discriminatory practice alleged include claim that:

• The company pays its female employees less than similarly situated male employees;
• Women are denied promotions while less qualified male employees move up the company ladder;
• Female sales employees are discouraged from becoming pregnant; and • Women who are mothers are forced to resign because of intolerable working conditions.

The lawsuit also alleges gender discrimination based on the policies and practices of the company.

For example, the company has an alleged practice of hiring female sales representatives who are then expected to befriend male doctors to whom they promote Daiichi Sankyo products. If a woman becomes pregnant or has kids, she loses value in the company’s eyes, according to the complaint.

The lawsuit further asserts: “Instead of employing a business plan designed to reward the talents of female sales employees and advance their careers, Daiichi treats them largely as a prop in a sales and marketing strategy … Daiichi asks its female sales reps to wine and dine male doctors; offer friendships and gifts to foster ‘quid pro quo’ relationships; and devote unbounded attention to obtain [the doctors’] allegiance to Daiichi’s drugs.”
“When female sales reps seek well-deserved career advancement or decide to have children, their role in a sales strategy built upon gender stereotypes becomes only more evident. Essentially, the company deems its female sales representatives unworthy to stand on an equal footing with their male counterparts,” the current and former employees charged.

Discrimination may take many forms. In some situations it’s not an obvious instance of bad behavior, rather a policy that has a discriminatory impact or effect.

Either way, it may be considered employment discrimination and you may be entitled to compensation.

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