Citicorp Required To Pay Back Wages For Equal Pay Act Violations

A Florida woman has been awarded nearly $340,000 in back pay as the result of a pay discrimination lawsuit against Citicorp.

According to the lawsuit, when Heidi Wilson received a promotion to become manager of the Citicorp service center she did not receive a raise or bonus despite the fact that the male who was in the position before her made more than she did. Two years later she also failed to receive a raise or bonus. The final straw came when she was fired from her position and did not receive severance pay.

Wilson then filed an Equal Pay Act lawsuit Citicorp North America, alleging gender discrimination and that the company violated her rights by not paying her the same amount as her male counterparts. The Equal Pay Act requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work.

Your gender should not play a role in any aspect of your employment, including hiring, transfers, promotions, pay, disciplinary action, suspensions, and discharges.

If you believe you have been paid less at work because of your gender, or have been treated adversely because of your sex, your first step should be to contact an experienced Georgia equal pay act attorney.

In the Citicorp pay discrimination case, a Florida arbitrator determined that paying Wilson roughly half of what the men doing her job received violated the Equal Pay Act. Further, the court determined that evaluations conducted by Wilson’s supervisor and used as evidence for the lower pay rate were too subjective.

As stated by a representative, “People should know that even in 2012 that pay discrimination against female executives still continues, and people should be aware of it and do what they can to eliminate it.”

If you believe you have been the victim of work place discrimination, including receiving less pay than your male counterparts, you can fight back.

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