ADA Lawsuit Filed Against FedEx

Legal news reports that a federal discrimination lawsuit has just been filed against FedEx. The Americans with Disabilities Act claim asserts that FedEx discriminated against a large class of deaf and hard of hearing package handlers and job applicants for many years. Among the allegations include claims that the company failed to provide the workers necessary accommodations to perform their job.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) protect certain “qualified” individuals from discrimination in the terms and conditions of your employment. The ADA/ADAAA also protects you from disability harassment or retaliation for complaining about disability discrimination or participating in another person’s disability claim.

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One of the ways the ADA/ADAAA protects you is by requiring that your employer make certain “reasonable accommodations” that would allow you to perform your job. In the recent lawsuit, the workers asserted that FedEx “marginalized” them and hindered their job performance by failing to provide “reasonable accommodations” such as sign language interpretation and equipment. This includes allegations that during orientation for new hires and during mandatory initial tours of its facilities, FedEx Ground didn’t provide American Sign Language interpretation and closed-captioned training videos. These accommodations were also not provided during staff and safety meetings. Additionally, the company also failed to make equipment substitutions and modifications, such as scanners that vibrate instead of beep, the lawsuit alleges.

FedEx denies the allegations.

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