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Georgia Leads Nation in Claims of LGBT Discrimination

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits gender discrimination.  Whether this federal law extends to a protects individuals from sexual orientation discrimination is not settled.  Several jurisdictions including the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and the 2d Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as the EEOC, have determined that the LGBT community is protected from discrimination under Title VII.  However, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals (which includes Georgia) has found otherwise.  Currently, the issue has been submitted to the United States Supreme Court.  However, it is unknown whether the Supreme Court will hear this case and make a final ruling.  Additionally, Georgia does not have an explicit anti n explicit anti-discrimination law that protects members of the LGBT community.

If you find that you have suffered any type of discrimination, including discrimination based on your sexual orientation, it is critical to fight back.  An experienced Atlanta employment discrimination lawyer can explore every legal avenue and help you determine the best option for your situation. 

For more information, or if you have suffered any form of employment discrimination, please contact the experienced and dedicated Atlanta employment discrimination lawyers at Buckley Bala Wilson Mew LLP for an immediate case evaluation.  

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