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Employment Discrimination May Involve Many Different Types of Conduct

A recent employment discrimination lawsuit has been filed against a Louisiana company allege unlawful racial discrimination. According to the suit, the man was employed as a night shift supervisor in charge of plugging and abandoning wells. The man was subsequently terminated for alleged poor performance concerning his operation of a piece of machinery. In the lawsuit, the worker asserts that this allegation is false – pretense – because the man never operated equipment. He also asserts that he was not skipped over for promotion in favor of a unqualified white worker.

Unfortunately, such allegations –if true- occur far too frequently in the work place. Employment discrimination does not refer to simply one type of action, but may include several different types of conduct that negatively affect workers on the basis of the race, color, sex, national origin and religion.

Title VII of the Civil Rights act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against employees, former employees and applicants for employment if they are included in one of these “protected” categories.

Not only does discrimination refer to firing or not hiring some one because he or she belongs to one of these groups, but it includes any instance of using someone’s race, gender or other protecting category as the basis for taking a negative employment action including failing to promote, retaliation for complaining about discrimination, or transferring to a less desirable location or shift.

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