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Employee Wins Landmark Employment Discrimination Case

Legal news has just reported a victory in a landmark employment discrimination case. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel has determined that the Department of the Army engaged in “frequent, pervasive and humiliating,” gender-identity discrimination against Tamara Lusardi, an Army software specialist who transitioned from male to female. If you believe that you have suffered any form of employment discrimination, it is critical you consult with an experienced Georgia employment discrimination lawyer immediately to determine your next steps.

In this instance, the worker was subject to severe discriminatory actions during the time she transition from male to female. Improper conduct allegedly included restricting her restroom usage, referring to her with male pronouns and by her birth name and stopped giving her work. Additionally co-workers and management allegedly call her “sir” and “it” after she legally changed her name and began dressing as a woman.

Lusardi was also required to use a single-user, gender-neutral restroom, out of concerns that other employees might feel “uncomfortable” sharing a restroom with her.
The agency investigating this matter determined that coworker preferences alone “cannot justify discriminatory working conditions,” since it could reinforce the very stereotypes and biases that nondiscrimination laws are intended to protect against.

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